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The Photo Show – Studio 809 Radio

Colorado Springs photographer Mike Pach interviews photographers from around the world who share tips and experiences to help you improve your photography skills.

May 1, 2019

Mike Pach interviews wet-plate photographer Shane Balkowitsch from Bismarck, North Dakota. Shane is working on a project to photograph Native Americans of the northern plains, and some of his work is on display at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum until March of 2020 as part of the [Dis]Information exhibit featuring...

Mar 5, 2019

Mike Pach interviews Adam Williams, photographer, poet, journalist, yogi, fly fisherman and creator of the Humanitou project. Check out Humanitou at

Feb 22, 2019

Mike Pach talks to Ralph Giordano, Nathaniel Shields and Joey Partridge about filmmaking and the upcoming Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival.

Feb 7, 2019

Mike Pach interviews night-sky photography pioneer Royce Bair. Mike and Royce talk about the upcoming NightScaper Conference in Moab and share tips on photographing nightscapes.

Jan 28, 2019

Mike Pach interviews Colorado Springs photographer, Robin Schneider of Art by BAMF, Art 111 and Robin Schneider professional portraits. Mike and Robin talk about photographing bands and portrait photography.